Component Finder Reference - 3B engine

Component Finder Reference - ABY engine

3B Motronic Injection and Ignition System Workshop Manual

ABY Motronic Fuel Injection and Ignition System Workshop Manual

AAN 5 cyl 4 valve Turbo Mechanics Workshop Manual

Audi RS2 Workshop Manual

01E 6 Speed Gearbox Workshop Manual

4wd running gear - Steering

Electrical Systems Manual

Wiring Diagrams

Wiring Diagrams Component Reference Lookup

80,90 Coupe, Cab

Audi 80 ABK Wiring

Audi 80 / Coupe 3A Wiring

Audi 80 2.3 NG Wiring

Audi 80 2.6 ABC Wiring

Audi 90 / Coupe 20v MPI Injection / Ignition (2 plug ecu)

Audi 90 / Coupe 20v 7A ECU Fault Codes

Wiring Diagrams - 7A 20v cars

Wiring Diagrams - 1Z TDi cars

Wiring Diagrams - 16v ACE

Wiring Diagrams - Cab with Manual roof