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This is a guide to replacing spark plugs on an ABY engined Audi S2.

No responsisbilty is accepted for anyone attempting this procedure by following the steps contained in these pages. This is intended as a guide only and all usual precautions should be heeded when attempting work on a motor vehicle. I cannot be held responsible for any damage sustained as a result of using these pages.

Estimated time : 30 minutes (assuming it all goes smoothly:-) )

Tools needed are as follows:

1. 5mm allen key / driver
2. Deep spark plug socket (16mm)
3. Extension bar for above
4. Torque Wrench
5. Spark plugs x 5. Part number 101 000 016 AA (Bosch F5DPOR)

It is critical that the correct spark plug is used in the Audi S2.
Use of the wrong plugs could lead to performance problems
and also potentially engine damage.

First step is to raise the bonnet of the car. You may want to consider disconnecting the battery. When the bonnet is open, the courtesy light in the boot comes on. Disconnecting the battery will prevent the current drain. An alternative is to pull fuse #4 from the fusebox.

Upon raising the bonnet you will have the view seen here on the left.
Use the 5mm allen driver to remove each of the bolts arrowed.
Tightening Torque = 10 Nm

The plug recesses are arrowed on the right.
A long extension is required in conjunction
with a deep spark plug socket (16mm).

Tightening Torque = 30 Nm

The chances are high that the old plugs will
look something like the one shown here.With
the recommended change interval of 40k miles
it is inevitable that as they approach the
end of their service life, they no longer
look as new.