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The article below describes how I replaced the rear wishbone bushes on my Audi S2 Coupe.

No responsisbilty is accepted for anyone attempting this procedure by following the steps contained in these pages. This is intended as a guide only and all usual precautions should be heeded when attempting work on a motor vehicle. I cannot be held responsible for any damage sustained as a result of using these pages.

All rear wishbones on the Audi S2 use the same bush 8A0 407 181. This bush is a supercession of 857 407 181.
Replacement parts needed are as follows:

1. Replacement wishbone bushes x 4 8A0 407 181 (see notes above)
2. Replacement locknuts for wishbone bush bolts x 4 [N 021 195 5]
3. Replacement locknuts for ball joint pinchbolt x 2 [N 021 195 5]
4. Replacement wishbone bush bolts x 4 [N 904 893 01]
5. Replacement ball joint pinch bolts [N 034 778 4]

Tools needed are as follows:

1. 17 mm sockets / ratchets / spanners (several)
16 & 18mm sockets / ratchets / spanners (several)
2. Ball joint separator
3. Wishbone bush removal tools

Remove the alloy centre cap, loosen the bolts on
the road wheel,and jack the car up.
Secure the car on an axle stand and remove the 5 bolts
securing the wheel. Remove the wheel and place to
one side.

Using a pair of 17mm sockets with ratchets / spanners,
loosen the pinch bolt (arrowed) and nut which holds
the ball joint in the base of the strut. With the
nut off, the bolt can be knocked out. The bolt can
be reused, providing the threads are not damaged.
The nut should NOT be reused and is to be discarded.

Use an angled 17mm spanner (1) in conjunction with a 17mm
socket / ratchet (2) to remove the bolts holding the wishbone
to the subframe. There are two bolts, front and rear
as arrowed. As can be seen on the left, the subframe bolt (18mm) has
been lowered to allow easier access to the bolt head nearest the front.
of the car. Pictured right is the second bolt at the rear.
This bolt actually broke during removal ( below left).

Use a seperator to remove the ball joint from the strut.
These are much harder to remove than front ball joints as
there is no rotation possible. They are also more stubborn
and much more likely to get damaged.

Replacement of the bushes was done using the same method as done
on the front wishbones which can be found here.The only difference is the size of the bush.

With the new bushes installed, replace the wishbone and ball joint assembly using new nuts and bolts. The ball joint has a groove, which should line up with the hole for the pinch bolt pass through. The head of the pinch bolt points in the direction of travel of the vehicle. The nuts and bolts should only be partially tightened while the car is in the air. Full tightening torque is to be applied with the car on the ground. Failure to observe this instruction will result in damage to the new bushes and can lead to premature failure.

After fitting the road wheel, the full torque can be applied to the nuts and bolts on the wishbone / subframe. With one side complete, the same procedure can be followed for the other side of the car. Upon completion of this job a full 4 wheel alignment is strongly recommended, although the car should cover 1000km / 650 miles to allow the new parts to settle before getting the check done.

DescriptionTightening Torque
Ball joint pinch bolt / nut50 Nm
Wishbone bolt / nut70 Nm + 90 degrees
Wheel Bolt 110 Nm