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The following table indicates which trim codes were available when.
Kodiak Leather was only available on the S2 Coupe up until 1992.
Nappa leather available on S2 Coupe only
Kodiak Leather fitted to S2 avant after 1993

Trim Code ColourYear(s) AvailableSample
XJ/TA Jacquard Tornado Red 1991,1992
XV Jacquard Graphite 1991
SE/TD Jacquard Sapphire 1994,1995
XL/TW/SR/SU/TZ Jacquard Platinum 1991-1995
SX/TX Jacquard Anthracite1992-1995
SL Jacquard Ecru1994, 1995
XK/TP Jacquard Emerald1991,1992, 1994
XV Kodiak Leather Graphite 1991
SX/TX Kodiak Leather Anthracite1992,1994
XL/TW/SR/SU Kodiak Leather Platinum1991,1992,1994
SL Kodiak Leather Ecru 1994,1995
TX Nappa Leather Anthracite1992 - 1995
TJ Nappa Leather Ecru1993-1995
VB Nappa Leather Burgundy1995
VC Nappa Leather Cognac1995