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The article below describes how I replaced the the oil and filter on my own Audi S2. I personally use VAG Synta Gold Synthetic Oil.

No responsisbilty is accepted for anyone attempting this procedure by following the steps contained in these pages. This is intended as a guide only and all usual precautions should be heeded when attempting work on a motor vehicle. I cannot be held responsible for any damage sustained as a result of using these pages.

Estimated time : ~1 hour

Tools and parts needed are as follows:

1. 10mm spanner
2. Flat bladed screwdriver
3. 17mm socket with breaker bar
4. oil filter removal tool
5. Torque wrench
6. Sump plug washer N 043 854 1
7. Oil filter 034 115 615 A
8. Oil (4.5 litres required)
9. Drip tray

First step of this job is to remove the engine undertray.
I am lucky as I have an inspection pit in my garage.
This allows me to work under the car without the need
to raise the car off the ground. Without this, I recommend
raising the front of the car on ramps to allow access.

The undertray is held on by several fastenings.
There should be 3 screw bolts under the gearbox which
can be undone with a flat bladed screwdriver. Only 1
can be seen in this picture. The right one is missing
and the left one is out of shot.

There are also these plastic lock tabs at the base
of the wheel arch liners. Further up in the wheel
arch liner are small plastic speed nuts - one on
each side. These can be removed using the 10mm
spanner. With all these undone, the under tray can
be dropped down.

Some models also have this clip which secures the under tray
to the bumper. To release the tray push it towards the front
of the car and down. Place the tray to one side and
put the oil drip tray under the sump plug..

Use the 17mm socket with breaker bar to undo the
sump plug (arrowed). Note that this plug can be
very difficult to remove. Remove the plug completely
and allow the oil to fall into the drip tray.
The old sump plug washer should be discarded.

Once the oil has stopped flowing from the sump plug,
the filter can also be removed. An oil filter wrench
should be used for this. The oil filter can also be
difficult to remove.

Once all the old oil has drained out, refit the sump plug
with a new sump plug washer. Apply a light film of oil
around the seal of the new filter and screw on the new oil filter
to the bracket by hand. The capacity for the new oil is 4.5 litres.
DO NOT OVERFILL as the exhaust catalysts can be damaged.
Once complete, start the engine and check for leaks. If all ok
the under tray should also be refitted. Old oil should be disposed
of carefully at a local recycling facility.

Sump Plug Tighten to 30 Nm
Oil filterHand tighten only
Oil 4.5 litres Capacity