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 T26 - Yellow Connector  T26a - Blue Connector  T26b - White Connector 
Pin #Wire ColourCircuitPin #Wire ColourCircuitPin #Wire ColourCircuit
1grey / greenengine compartment light, fuse 14 1n/a 1n/a
2blue / brown MFTS F76 T pin 2n/a 2n/a
3black / blueheated rear window switch 3n/a 3brown / blackearth
4no wireinternal connection to lighting control 4n/a 4n/a
5grey / bluepin 58d background lighting 5n/a 5n/a
6n/a 6n/a 6n/a
7n/a 7n/a 7n/a
8brown 8n/aearth 8n/a
9black / white 9n/aturn signal warning lamp left 9n/a
10blue / yellowcoolant warning 10yellow / redABS modulator pin 7, ABS controller pin 29 10n/a
11grey / yellowbrake system monitoring 11n/a 11n/a
12n/a 12n/a 12n/a
13bluealternator charge lamp 13n/a 13n/a
14n/a 14n/a 14grey / blackservo hydraulic warning
15n/a 15lilac / blackfuel gauge 15grey / yellowwarning for brake system monitoring
16n/a 16black / blueswitched 12v - fuse 12 16brown redwindscreen washer fluid warning
17n/a 17black / greenhazard light and right turn signal warning lamp 17white / greyoil pressure warning 1.8 bar
18n/a 18white / bluespeed signal 18greyrelay 15 K pin
19red / blue12v fuse 4 (clock) 19n/a 19blue / blackoil pressure warning 0.3 bar
20n/a 20brown / redG22 speedometer sender 20red / yellowradio gala function
21n/a 21brownearth 21grey / redradio gala function
22green / blueengine speed signal, ecu pin 40 22no wireinternal connection to dimmer switch 22red / brownradio gala function
23brown / blackearth for rev counter 23white / bluemain beam warning lamp 23green / bluerev counter
24blue / black switched 12v24brown / greenfuel pump relay 24brown / greenconection 1la in dash wiring (J17 FPR pin 49)
25brown / white handbrake warning lamp25blue / greenhazard light switch 25redbulb monitoring device (rear)
26brown / greenglow plug / choke warning lamp (not on S2) 26brownearth for hazard light relay 26n/anot used