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This page covers the electrical spaghetti which is located under the dashboard on the drivers side of the car on a RHD model. There is actually a relay plate with 3 rows of 6 positions under there, although it can be hard to tell as often the wiring has been disturbed by dubious alarm and immobiliser installations.

By removing the parcel shelf from under the steering column, you will see a mass of wiring and relays. On the reverse side of the parcel shelf, there is an illustration in German and English like this one here. Sorry about the quality which makes it unreadable but it's barely readable with the naked eye.

The relays are numbered from 1 to 18.
Top row positions are 7-12.
Middle row positions 1-6.
Bottom row positions are 13-18

The table below outlines the relays and there functions with each postion being a link. Note that not all cars will have every relay fitted. On my own car, there were only 5 out of the 18 possible positions filled.

I apologise for any inaccuracies on this page. The electrical wiring had numerous changes during the production of the Audi S2 from 1990 to 1996 and I have attempted to cover as many of them as possible. If there is a glaring error, please let me know and I will rectify the offending mistake.

Relay #FunctionNotes
1ABS relay1991 MY only
2Warning buzzer1991 MY only
3Interior Light Delay Controller1991 MY only
4Air Conditioning Electro Clutch 
5Rear Wash Wipe
Electric Windows, sunroof
1991 MY only
1992 MY onwards
6Headlamp Bulb Monitor for Autocheck
Electric Windows, sunroof
1991 MY only
1992 MY onwards
7n/a - blank 
8Relay for anti-theft alarm and immobiliserLHD only
9Airbag Warning Lamp 
10Daytime Driving Lights OR
Relay for anti-theft alarm and immobiliser
11Daytime Driving Lights1994 MY onwards
12buzzer1992 MY onwards
13Control unit for heated seat1991 MY only
14Control unit for water pump, relay fan stage 1 
15Electric Windows, sunroof
Headlamp Bulb Monitor for Autocheck
1991 MY only
1992 MY onwards
16n/a - blank 
17Relay for Solar Sliding Roof 
18Control unit for heated seat
Relay for electric fan
1991 MY only
1992 MY onwards