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The article below describes how I replaced the cam cover gaskets on my own Audi S2.

No responsisbilty is accepted for anyone attempting this procedure by following the steps contained in these pages. This is intended as a guide only and all usual precautions should be heeded when attempting work on a motor vehicle. I cannot be held responsible for any damage sustained as a result of using these pages.

Estimated time : 3+ hours depending on ease of component removal

Tools needed are as follows:

1. 5mm allen key / driver
2. Flat bladed screwdriver
3. 10mm spanner
4. 13mm spanner
5. T27 Torx bit screwdriver
6. Torque wrench
7. Ratchet with selected extension bars
8. Cam cover gaskets 034 198 025 F

First step is to raise the bonnet of the car. You may want to consider disconnecting the battery. When the bonnet is open, the courtesy light in the boot comes on. Disconnecting the battery will prevent the current drain. An alternative is to pull fuse #4 from the fusebox.

Upon raising the bonnet you will have the view seen here on the left.
Use the 5mm allen driver to remove this bolt and store safely to one side

Use the 5mm allen driver again to undo the bolt numbered 2
here in the picture. The jubilee clip (1) should be undone using
a flat blade screwdriver. It should be loosened sufficiently
to allow the clip to slide over the edge of the rubber hose.

The pipe in the picture on the right is secured by 3 bolts.
The first bolt can be seen here (left). A 13mm spanner can be
used for removal.

The next picture shows the location for the remaining 2
13mm bolts securing the pipe.

Use the T27 Torx bit driver to undo screws (1) and (2).
This allows the bracket for the throttle stop to be removed.
The two jubilee clips 3 and 4 (slightly hidden) should be
loosened with a screwdriver.The last clip (5) is similar
to the clips found on cv joint boots and should be spread
open using circlip pliers or similar. It may not be
necessary to undo this clip. On my car the large metal pipe
to the left of clip 3 refused to move. Undoing clip 5
allowed me to swivel the pipe out of the way.

Lifting the pipe out of the way reveals a hidden
bolt halfway along the side of the cam cover.
This is the same head size as the first two
bolts but is shorter in length.

On the same side of the head, nearest the bulk head
another 5mm allen headed bolt (2) holds this ground
wire in place. There are also 2 hoses held on by clips
at the rear of the cam cover. The top one is arrowed (1)
but the other one is underneath and is not visible in
this picture.

Each of the leads to the coil packs should be
unclipped. There should be a plastic retainer
which holds the wiring loom in place. Pushing this
back reveals this hidden bolt(1).

This picture shows the location (1) for the last
of the outside 6 bolts. Access is poor but it is
just possible to remove this using a 5mm allen
key. For extra leverage, I used a 5mm socket with
extension bar on the end of the allen key.

The 4 bolts arrowed left hold the top cover in
place.Remove each bolt and lift the cover away
and place to the side. It is still attached by
the wiring loom but it can be placed on top of
the airbox.

The two threaded pems arrowed right are all
that are left holding the cam cover on. A
10mm spanner or socket should be used to
remove them. The cover can then be lifted clear.
Make sure that the front timing belt cover allows
clearance. on my car the cover had to be bent
slightly to lift the cover off.

The pack should contain the 2 gaskets left and also
included should be 2 half moon shaped plugs which fill
the contours at the back of the cylinder head. These
two plugs should only be used if the originals are

As in most cases, refitting is a reversal of removal.
However, point to note.

Tightening Torque 10 Nm

This applies to every 5mm allen headed bolt removed and it is critical
that they are not overtightened as otherwise the new gasket will leak.
This torque also applies to the 10mm threaded pems and the T27 Torx