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One of the most popular topics for discussion for S2 owners is the braking system. The braking system on the Audi S2 is often criticised for underperforming. Largely this criticism is unjustifed since in the vast majority of cases the brakes on the car in question will require some work to return it to the Audi specification. The standard brakes are perfectly adequate for standard street driving if they are properly maintained. Certainly higher spec pads and discs will help if the performance is being used often. If you are planning to use the car on a track at all, the standard braking system will not be up to the job. There are many options available if you wish to upgrade the brakes and I hope to cover some of them here in the future.

A general illustration of the braking system layout can be seen here

Description of Parts follows

Brake Discs

Part number: 895 615 301 D (front)

A vented disc for the front of the car with a diameter of 276mm and a thickness of 25mm overall. Maximum wear limit allowed is 2mm.

Part number: 895 615 601 A (rear)

Rear discs are somewhat smaller and have a 245mm diameter. They are also solid discs, unlike the front which are vented, with a thickness of just 10mm. Minimum thickness prior to replacement is 8mm

Brake Caliper

Part Number: 895 615 123 A (left)
             895 615 124 A (right)
             447 615 125  (pad carrier housing)
The front calipers are made by Lucas Girling and are commonly referred to by the Girling part number G60. These are in two parts. The main caliper housing has twin pistons (44mm and 36mm) to help improve stopping power. The other half of the caliper holds the pads and is often referred to as the pad carrier. This is bolted to the rear of the wheel bearing housing. The two parts of the caliper are linked together via the guide pins on the pad carrier and the guide pin bolts which pass through the main piston housing and lock into the guide pin threads with locking compound.

Brake Pads

Part Number: 895 698 151 (front)
             4A0 698 451 (rear)
There are a huge range of brake pads to choose from and I would never attempt to cover every available pad here. The price of pads varies according to the type and quality of pads. For general driving use I prefer either Lucas pads or Textar. The Textar pads have the added advantage of giving off very little dust. It should be noted that when buying aftermarket pads, you are unlikely to receive guide pin bolts as part of the kit. These should be obtained seperately from your local dealer.


Guide Pin Bolt: 321 615 141 .:- This bolt should always be replaced if removed.
Bleeder valve: 447 615 273 :- To replace damaged bleed valves
Guide Pin Boot Kit 443 698 470 :- This kit contains two rubber boots, two guide pin bolts and grease for the guide pins
Piston Seals: 447 698 471 :- A kit containing seals for both front calipers

Rear Caliper Return Springs: Ford 6141147 / 6141148:- Handbrake return springs are available from Ford Dealers.
Rear Caliper Guide Pins: Ford 6141154 :- Guide Pins are available from Ford Dealers.