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June 2006

As you will have noticed, the diary has not been updated for some time. There are a couple of reasons for this.

First is, I've had a project car on the go since last November. An Audi 90 sport quattro 20v, as seen in the main diary page. This used to belong to a mate but sat unused outside his flat for nearly 2 years followed by another year in his garage.
You can read all about the trials and tribulations of the 90 here

Since that's been done, I've replaced the sump and fitted a complete exhaust and the car is now road legal.

So much so that the S2 has hardly been used (2000 miles since August last year), and it's had no work done on it either.

Therefore, I've decided to sell the S2. I need to complete a few jobs first before it's suitable for sale so it will probably go around July time as that's when the MOT and insurance are up.

July 2006

A couple of weeks off work and I've started prepping the S2 for sale. Front shocks have been replaced for RS2 items. Only reason for this change from standard was the price. At the time (last year), RS2 shocks were half the price of S2 items. New top mounts were also fitted although the old ones were ok so I've kept them. I also replaced the ball joints at the same time. I've never been happy with the previous set. A brief outline of what's required for shock replacement is here.

The afterrun sensor was replaced in attempt to verify the afterrun function. It works when the 2 wires for the sensor are touched together as it should. I've never had it come on after driving though, even in Germany when operating temperatures are higher.

The afterrun pump would also have been replaced but for a minor technical problem - the new one as supplied by German Swedish and French doesn't fit.

The part numbers did not match which set the alarm bells ringing. The original part is 034 965 561 C and it's Bosch equivalent is 0 392 020 054. The GSF part was 0 392 020 024.

This part will never fit without major hacking of the connector on the pump - something I'm not prepared to do. I've ordered the correct part from a local Bosch agent. New pump fitted and all is well.

With the car sorted it was ready for sale. There was a minor cosmetic issue with the wing which was due to be fixed but I was prepared to reduce the price if required.

On July 29th, the S2 was sold to someone who had contacted me several months previously about possibly buying it, if I decided to sell. A price was agreed and the deal was completed relatively quickly.

Over seven years have passed since buying the first S2 but I'm moving on.

The site will remain active and will still receive updates.

August 2006

Now that the S2 is sold I have a few spares available which are for sale. For an up to date list you can check the list here.