My Audi S2 index

January 2004

With christmas and New Year out the way, it was time to tackle some work which was needed on the replacement S2. The problem with buying a second hand car is that you are buying someone elses problems. There are always issues to deal with.

The issues highlighted in the December 2003 entry were the first to be tackled. The thermostat was time consuming but not too bad. Most difficult part was removing the short 3" hose which feeds the thermostat housing.

The good thing about doing this job is that the performance picked up. With the engine running at a nice 87 degrees all the time now when warm, the car no longer has the hesitation that was present when purchased.

The outside temperature display is now working also and you can read about this here.

There was also another problem to sort which was found when fitting the alloys from the old car. The new car came with Pirelli P6000 tyres all round and they are not my favourite so I swapped them over for the winter. The wishbones were of different types. I was aware the car had been in an accident but wasn't overly concerned as I was told it had been repaired by the Audi workshop. A cast wishbone on one side and a forged on the other was not ideal. I was lucky as the parts from my old car were available. I took the opportunity to fit new bushes while they were off the car. Method used is described here.

I also replaced the top strut mounts for new ones as they were starting to "ping" on full lock. I fitted standard green ones as the blue ones fitted to the black car disintegrated when the struts were removed. The blue rubber stayed on the car but the inner bearing came off with the strut.

The last purchase for the month was a set of new front tyres (Good Year F1 again). When fitting the alloys from my black car I moved the old rear tyres to the front and the fronts were put to the back. This was unintentional but highlighted the need for replacing them as they were almost worn down to the marks. These had done roughly 45000 miles so I can't really complain and it now means I have the newest tyres on the front.

March 2004

I had also noticed that the anti roll bar drop links had slight play. I ordered new ones from Vag Parts . When they arrived they were plastic. These were returned and replaced with metal ones. These were Audi RS2 items and were identical to those fitted to my previous car. The part number for these is 8A0 407 465 C.

May 2004

I was still noticing a slight knocking noise going over small bumps. A quick visit to my mate with a 4 post lift enabled me to check the suspension with the car off the ground. The front ball joints were worn as there was visible movment. I wasn't too surprised as these were the ones from my old car. They had done 125k miles and taken some abuse.

New parts were again sourced from Vag Parts .These were fitted using the lift mentioned earlier and I did not have access to the camera at the time. I took the precaution of using new pinch bolts on both sides with new self locking nuts. The old ball joints can be marked prior to removal. This means when the new ones are fitted, they are fitted to the correct alignment for camber.

Note that the balljoints are matched to the wishbone type. Therefore if the car has forged wishbones, the correct type ball joints must be used. Cast wishbones use a different part. Part numbers are listed here.

July 2004

The MOT was due up and with it being the first test I was slightly nervous. I neednt have worried. The car passed first time without even an advisory on anything.

I had also taken the opportunity to upgrade the brakes as I was planning to visit the Nurburgring in August. I wanted to have the brakes up and running for a while before leaving in case there were any problems.

Having attempted to use an alternative caliper without success I ended up fitting the same kit as fitted to the previous car. When the old car was broken up, I had sold the kit as at that time I needed the money.I also was not sure if was going to be taking the newer car to Germany.

This actually worked out quite well. I was able to obtain a good set of calipers for much less than the previous set cost me. These ones had none of the plate lift which was evident on the previous set. New pads fit perfectly with no need to grind off the edges of the backing plate. Porsche calipers for the older models are now much cheaper than they were 4 years previously, as most people want the monoblocks as fitted to the latest models.

These calipers are off a Porsche 911 Carrera 1995 vintage. Since this model uses the calipers on the leading edge of the brake disc and the Audi S2 has a trailing edge fitment, the caliper has to be turned around. The bleed nipples and the crossover pipe simply get swapped.

I am currently using Textar pads which are not expensive and available from Euro Car Parts. For Germany I will have to fit another set. What these will be I don't know. I am currently pricing up several options. EBC Redstuff will probably be the choice as they are only 70 ish. Ferodo DS2500 would be considered but they are twice the price of the EBC.

September 2004

The car performed well in Germany with minimal problems. EBC must have changed the compound of the Redstuff pads. They are now not nearly as strong when cold and require more warming up than the previous set.

The other more concerning problem is the lack of afterrun. Even after hot days on the Nurburgring, the cooling fan failed to start. This will be investigated shortly as it could lead to other problems. I still have a spare sensor from the old S2, so I will post an article soon once I've investigated.